Supplier of Control Instrumentation to the South African Electrical Industry
Moving Iron Ammeter FA72100/200/A
Moving Iron Ammeter FA48 0-5/10/1A
CPZ90 Voltmeter With Selector Switch
Moving Coil HV72 90 50mv
Moving Coil Voltmeter 90 HV72 50-0-50mv
Moving Coil Voltmeter HV48 0-50mv
Moving Coil Voltmeter HV72 240 50mv Contro Zero
Moving Iron Voltmeter FV96 0-9kv PT 6,6kv/100v
Fuse Safe FS32PH 550V 32A
Fuse Safe FS32H 550V 32A
Measuring Transducers
Bimetal Maximum Current Meter
Combined Bimetal Maximum Current Meter
Running Hour Meters
Fuse Safe
Max Demand Bimetal Meters
Running Hour Meters
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