Pyramid Control Instrument (Pty) Ltd t/a PCI is a specialist company supplying Switchgear/ Motor Control  measuring equipment to the Electrical Industry.
MEASURING TRANSDUCERS A wide range of fully programmable Transducers allow you to measure and display all electrical parameters and important derivatives. These values can be communicated on standard protocol. The setting software Mi Qen is user friendly and allows for customised configurations. MEASURING CENTRES The meters are intended for measuring, analysing and monitoring single-phase or three-phase electrical power network....... SYNCHRONIZATION METERS Are intended for manual or semi-automatic synchronization of two electric-energy generation sources..... DIGITAL METERS Digital meters with LED display enable fast and accurate survey of electric quantities and are convenient for industrial use........ ENERGY METERS With Power Display, display instantaneous power in single and three-phase systems with balanced or unbalanced load. ANALOGUE METERS In standard DIN sizes: 48x48 72x72 96x96 144x144 With interchangeable scales.
MOVING IRON METERS Meters for AC Voltage or AC Current METERS WITH LIMIT CONTACTS Can signal minimum and maximum setting limits. Settings over or under the Limits is displayed with LED on the meter scale DC or AC currents or voltages. COMBINED MOVING IRON AND BIMETAL MAXIMUM CURRENT METERS Meters measure instantaneous and a thermal load of electrical  system. SURGE ARRESTORS Is a device that will protect electrical equipment from external influences. CURRENT TRANSFORMERS The full range small wound primary and ring type, current transformers (ct) is used to produce from a high primary current a reduce proportional secondary current that can be measured on the standard ammeter. SHUNTS Used to Measure DC current ranges. FLAG RELAYS This device will indicate when a circuit breaker has tripped. TIME SWITCHES
Supplier of Control Instrumentation to the South African Electrical Industry
Tap  position indicate the tap position of a transformer.
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